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 Get your lan prestige to stick!

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PostSubject: Get your lan prestige to stick!   Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:04 am

1- Do the lan XP Glitch and rank to level 50 ( Make sure you win 4-0)

2- Wait till the game ends ( don't quit)

3- Now you are in lan party

4- Press Triangle and join one of your friends game ( Make sure it's a different mode than the one you have been boosting in!! )

5- Join and play normally and wait till the game finish to the end.

6- After the game finishes, you will be in Pre-game lobby, buy a contract and make sure that you win it

7- The game will finish, you will be in pre-game lobby, Prestige

8- Play another game in the same lobby then Quit in middle of the game.

9- Join another games through your friends ONLY! and make sure you go past level 15.

10- Spend few of your COD Points

11- Press the PS Button and quit BO then turn off your ps3

12- Start Blackops

13 you will get an error, then you will find yourself "level 1" and the prestige you entered above!!

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PostSubject: Re: Get your lan prestige to stick!   Sun Dec 26, 2010 6:29 pm

thank you! i was upset because it didnt stay at least now it'll work
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Get your lan prestige to stick!
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